NEC to host “C-Day” – Event seeks to raise awareness of climate change issues, Copenhagen conference

Niagara College’s Niagara Environmental Corps will hold a “C-Day” event November 30 to raise awareness of climate change issues, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled for Dec. 7-18 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The event takes place at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, and will include a panel presentation and discussion, with Lee Norton, an Al Gore-trained presenter, Howie Chong, President of Carbon Zero and Adriana Mugnato-Hamu, the Climate Change Critic for the Green Party of Canada. The panel discussion gets underway at 1:30 p.m. in the Yerich Auditorium, and is open to the public.

Following the panel discussion a Fair Trade coffee house and open mic session will be held in the Armoury, a pub located on the lower level of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus. This is an opportunity for students and members of the college community to reflect and share ideas on moving forward beyond the climate change conference. As part of the “C-Day” plans, students, staff and members of the community are invited to sign a banner of support as they are “Counting on Copenhagen”.

The Niagara Environmental Corps (NEC) is a student-led organization created in 2006 to increase environmental awareness at Niagara College and empower students to be proactive in solving environmental issues and build healthy communities. In 2007, the NEC joined with the College’s Niagara Research department to gain experience in environmentally-focused applied research initiatives. These activities focus on protecting and restoring natural environments, including habitat restoration and monitoring, ecosystem restoration, site remediation, wetland conservation and solutions towards urban sustainability.


For more information, contact:

Kerry Kennedy
Research Project Coordinator – Environment
Niagara Environmental Corps Coordinator
Niagara College
905 641-2252 ext. 4284

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