Extra parking available at Welland Campus

Please note that effective immediately, overflow parking at the Welland Campus will be available directly across the street from the Rice Road entrance at the Rice Road Community Church, to ensure ample parking is available during peak periods. The church lot is open to Niagara College parking pass holders, and will be monitored by College security.

Over the past few weeks we’ve experienced a shortage of parking spots during peak periods, which is not uncommon during the first few weeks of classes. This year at the Welland Campus, the amount of construction activity and equipment, as well as significant changes to the location of, and access to on-Campus lots has contributed to the situation.

In addition to the overflow parking at Rice Road Community Church, a new lot in front of the residence was also opened last week. This is in addition to the existing on-campus lots at Welland:

• Lot G, along Woodlawn Road, has been expanded and now reaches from the edge of the Y parking lot, to the Lundy Wing and can be accesses by the lighted intersection at Woodlawn Road/Champlain Ave.

• Lot F on the north end of campus has been greatly expanded and starts at the residence and stretches almost the entire length of the new North Road. Lot F is accessible from North Road, adjacent to the Niagara College Technology Centre expansion.

• A new lot has been opened directly in front of the residence and is open to all students and staff.

• Lot E, off First Ave./Ring Road has been reconfigured and is open to staff and students.

• Lots A (near the Mackenzie Building), C (Child Care Centre), D (North of the YMCA lot), F (Near the Ball Hockey courts), the Skills Lot (between the Niagara College Technology Centre and the back of Black Walnut), are all open to students and staff.

In Spring 2011, the demolition of the Mackenzie Building will allow for the construction of an additional lot at the Welland Campus.

Students are also reminded that Niagara College campuses are served by the Region’s three Transit providers, and all students receive a U-Pass, which provides unlimited ridership on Welland, Niagara Falls and St. Catharines Transit. With the U-Pass, Welland Campus students do have the option of parking at the nearby Seaway Mall and taking regularly scheduled Welland Transit to the Campus.

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