Education or employment? Students to explore possibilities at All About Options expo

Jean Quattrini, graduate employment consultant, Co-op and Graduate Employment Services, Workforce and Business Development; Monique Morin, graduate employment consultant, Co-op and Graduate Employment Services, Workforce & Business Development; and Krista Woodhouse, graduate degree recruitment coordinator.

Whether they’re preparing to enter the workforce or to continue their education, students will have a chance to investigate the possibilities at Niagara College’s All About Options Employment and Education expo.

The event will offer students an opportunity to meet with prospective employers to find out about job opportunities, and meet with representatives from colleges and universities to explore post-graduate study options.

“The goal of the expo is to present a one-stop shop experience for students, where they can consider various options. For some, it will be to work immediately upon graduation. For others, it might be to go on to university or post-grad studies,” said Monique Morin, graduate employment consultant at the college. “By combining both those things into one, we provide a more complete experience for the students.”

The event is open to both students and alumni. It will be held Wednesday, Feb. 1 at the Welland campus, and Thursday, Feb. 2 at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus – each one catering to programs at each campus. Both events will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the gymnasium.

While NC previously hosted separate fairs for hospitality, policing, business networking, and technology networking events, this year’s All About Options expo combines them into one event at each campus.

Students do not need to register but the first 500 to do so will receive a gift. They can register at by clicking on the event on the calendar.

Employers can register at

For a list of exhibitors in Welland and NOTL visit

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